The fight to save our planet and everything that lives here will keep up in 2021 — and far beyond.

John R. Platt is the editor of The Revelator. exported 1.5 million tons of plastic waste, mostly to Turkey and Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. If you buy them dry, sort through them before you cook them to find tiny pieces of dirt or rocks that might have gotten mixed in. Protein content: 15g protein in 1 cup serving (cooked) = equivalent to 50g of pork loin … You can grind peanuts into peanut better at some food co-ops and grocery stores or look for butters that clearly say “just peanuts” or “just almonds” plus perhaps some salt, on their labels. Wildwood Super Firm Tofu which can be purchased at Whole Foods has roughly 75 grams of protein and 455 calories per block! Which is better depends upon your point of view. One large whole egg contains six grams of protein: three in the yolk and three in the white. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay. On top of that, the bill steps up funding for the Department of Energy. Plus, quinoa contains fiber, iron, magnesium and manganese. Each block has 650 calories and 70 grams of protein. Environmental News for a Healthier Planet and Life, Matt Porteous / DigitalVision / Getty Images,

Of course, COVID-19 wasn't the only thing to sap our strength this year. 2. I prefer to eat these beans hot, as in a veggie stew, soup or chili. we are taking responsibility for the waste we generate. Eggs: If you’re not vegan, eggs could be a terrific meat and tofu substitute for you. Let's be honest: This has been a truly exhausting year. Or are you just plain sick of it? Tempeh has 160 calories per half-cup (113 grams) compared to just 97 for tofu and that might be its only negative. Cooked kidney beans pack about … This post will look at 2 main things: taste and nutrition (mainly protein content and quality). BV assumes protein is the only source of nitrogen and measures the proportion of this nitrogen absorbed by the body which is then excreted. Then rinse them under running water before boiling three cups of water for every one cup of lentils. Depending on how it’s prepared and seasoned, seitan can … According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, tofu and boiled whole soybeans each contain about 16 percent protein. Check out these 15 tasty alternatives to both meat and tofu that will make you smack your lips in delight. Meat vs. tofu study: a new contender for the research hall of shame. "