She already had experience of the medium, having made her debut in … You’ll notice the difference with everything! Bic pens, disposable razors, even children’s scooters were all outed as items that cost more simply for being pink. That’s the loving touch of New Lenor! When your carpet smells fresh Ten thousand flies killed — fast as this: (clock registers 15 minutes) Do all your washing with Rinso Sunshine. — it’s all you have to do…. Wife enamoured with her kitchen gloves to her distracted husband: Use a little Gumption! What someone’s mum just ought to know Our first stop could be at your house. One powder, two liquids (Win thirty pounds!) One Thousand and One cleans a big big carpet Hold it up to the light Buy Some, try some Cleans the whole house faster than — Yes, now it’s something new — Gets rid of that workaday frown, Clean in half the time! It’s Vapona! So easy with new Windolene, Windolene! Two limited edition festive fragrances — These are the girls (Win five pounds!) And put the freshness back, 0. Look George, George LOOK! If you love the things that sunshine brings … Wonderful Duraglit! Women want brightness! A complete new system!”. A winter house gets under your skin, So get out the Flash — bring the sunshine in! Voiceover: New double-length Bacofoil. Molly Weir telling us that Flash cleans baths without scratching. This, and being open every day of the year, gives me a big cleaning problem Voiceover: Fairy Liquid helps married hands keep that single girl look. Edit Submit Cancel Appears in. A brighter carpet means a brighter home, She knew what she wanted, Oh, he’s gone … cleared off while I clear up … with, of course, Polly Roll! He promised her his worldly goods, White without bleaching, //]]>. Wife (to husband): Look at you messing up my kitchen – go on! Liquid alone (Win five pounds!) And New System Persil Automatic is still as kind as ever! Spring clean with Flash! One Thousand and One Dry Foam — Does it right! Flash (5): 1971. Molly Weir remained with Ben and Bebe when, in 1954, the radio show moved to television. All rights reserved. Not a stain and shining bright! var sc_project=1143642; Remember: For less than half a crown! New Sunshine Rinso, with sunshine whiteners, We’re off. Since 2016, adverts for Flash have included parodies of the song "Flash… The answer is easily found, cleaning time in half! //

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