Thanks for checking it out! Star anise would be delicious as well! And I’m happy to hear that you made it your own. Thank you so much. Thanks again for sharing your family's recipe! That's the only way I've found that it works best. I've been looking for a really great chai recipe and this has to be it!!! I just used this chai masala to season apple chips, and it was amazing! If you do not have an Indian store nearby, buy Lipton or some other similarly cheap and strong black tea bags from the grocery store. Best chai I've ever had. If you're tempted to skip the sugar altogether, know that you'll risk muting the vibrant notes of spicy goodness! This stuff is slammin’! Using a mortar and pestle, spice grinder, of the back of your knife, crack and crush open the cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds, and peppercorns. Excellent. Hi – I’m trying to do something similar and I’m hoping you could be more specific. I use the cardamons fully. So glad you are enjoying the chai! I love to have a big cup of chai in the morning with my Idli and Sambar. That should help balance it out. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed this recipe and that you made it your own!! Also found that we prefer a bit more Cardamom and Clove powders. I do the same as you and double the masala! Stir in milk and sugar and bring to a simmer. I do 50/50 milk and water or maybe slightly more milk than water. Try both and see which one you like better! Thank you so much for this recipe! Thanks! Definitely! Thanks for this. As a side note, I use rooibos tea as well as cutting a few grams of the ginger out, and using a little fresh stuff . I’m so happy you are enjoying the recipe!! Next I will try the spiced chai pumpkin pie or chai cupcakes with lemongrass mint whipped cream. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hi Stacey! I tried this chai some time ago at my Indian friend's home. How do you get the seeds out? It would have a stronger, but cleaner cardamom flavor with only grinding the seeds. Chai Spice Recipe to Use in Baking, Tea, Coffee, and More! I think adding just a pinch of masala to the chai and then making another batch using gram measurements would be helpful. Oof… nevermind. Please keep me posted if you come up with any solutions! Thanks! Watch your water milk balance, and make sure you are using cow's milk. Thanks, Tanvi. Martha. I admire your passion for sharing some of the family pleasures with everyone. This is the one I've been looking for. YAY! Some people love it. Unabhängig davon, dass die Urteile dort hin und wieder verfälscht sein können, geben die Bewertungen ganz allgemein eine gute Orientierungshilfe; Was für ein Ziel beabsichtigen Sie als Benutzer mit Ihrem Chai tea recipe jamie oliver? Therefore I wind up with very small, always fresh batches of the stuff. If you’re here, it means that you’ve probably browsed a few dirty chai latte recipes, and you must have found out precisely what motivated me to make my own. Hi Suz! Blessings from Puerto Rico!! Thank you so much! If you are worried that the spices are a bit stale or damp, you can heat them in a very low oven (150-200F) for a few minutes and then grind them. For extra depth, we recommend lightly toasting the whole spices before crushing them to help the flavors bloom during the simmer—this gives the chai a slight cocoa note. We have a slow food ( forgotten or slow moving traditional family recipes) movement at the Department of Hotel Management, Christ University. If you've made this recipe, be sure to drop us a line down in the comment, leave a rating, and let us know how you liked it! I've had chai a lot, but never made it myself. Chai is undoubtely the most popular drink in India. The tea leaves don't really steep that well in soy milk mixed with water for some reason. Thanks so much for this recipe! I think the milk does not take on the flavor as strongly if you just boil it once! I always start swirling the cup when I am about 1/2 done to get it to evenly disperse! I am wondering if you can give me some tips for steeping the tea leaves. Thanks for checking out my blog . Chai is basically a mix of milk, water, tea leaves, and sweetener and spices optionally. Will absolutely have to give it a try (and report back!). I Love chai, thank you so much for sharing how to make it on your blog! This is such an awesome recipe! I used (all ground spices) a cup each of ginger and cardamom, and half a cup each of cinnamon, pepper and cloves (which was the mistake, i should have used less cloves), and a tbsp of nutmeg. I went with a 1:1 ratio of milk to water for my preferred level of creaminess. Thanks!!!! For big spices like cinnamon or nutmeg, pound them in a mortar and pestle before throwing them into a spice grinder, otherwise your grinder will break. I visited Portland last summer and really enjoyed it! I sort of think of it in the same way as Turkish or Greek coffee: some silt always gets left behind. Chai with Ginger, Lemongrass, and Mint Dad usually makes a batch 3-4 times a year and that is about the perfect amount of time. We've always used grams, so I did my best, but I'll update the recipe with the conversions using that site. You really do have to boil it on a stove top, it won't taste the same if you just steep it in hot milk and water. I love it thanks for sharing! I’ll have to post how it turns out! I don’t use CTC tea (mass produced tea), I don’t use tea bags. As long as you are using weight, the mass is preserved so you get the same amount of spices whether you use whole or preground spices. Oh my! Oregano leaves! If I were you I will make a video of cooking chai and show how it is done along with the text you have on this page. Thank you for making it so easy to understand. There is no one recipe that defines chai since the traditional version of the beverage varied from family to family and town to town. Thank you so much for sharing it . Hi Molly! I have a lemongrass ginger chai variation that does that. And I suppose only a few things like cardamom can go with it and may not be a mix of all,as it can ruin the real 'tea effect' I extremely want to know about it being a one craving for the 'Best Cup of 'Tea'..You do Inspire! I don’t know that the pepper will neutralize the cardamom, it’ll just add a bit more kick which will help to distract from cardamom’s sweetness, so you could try adding an additional 10 g of black pepper and working from there. If you’d like to buy the whole cardamom seeds, your best bet is to go to an Indian grocery store or look online. I've smoked for 20 yrs. (And I normally hate hot milk.). Also, I shred organic yellow ginger root (skin snd all, post rinsing) into the mix. I have tried it and love the ‘bite’ that it has. It’s not quite as good, but it seems to work better then boiling them all together. I appreciate your saving me the hard earned lesson about the growlers. Thanks for the recipe. In my family, we call that masalo. just made my first cup – can't wait! Years ago, I lived in India this recipe reminds me so much of what I drank everyday. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Thank you so much for sharing information. 1/2 cup milk (not skim milk, see nerdy science note above), 1 to 2 tsp. Hi Tanvi, The mixture never darkened and it came out tasting just like black tea with milk. In my part of India, we don't use star anise quite as much in our cooking, so that's likely why it never entered our tea repertoire. Thank you! I just have one question. . Tanvi,Just finished making your chai recipe for the first time and need your advice. So glad you liked it! Saffron as an addition sounds INCREDIBLE!! I have now made some individual "top secret" tweaks to your recipe to make the seriously best chai in the world, but I started with your base! CHAI MASALA POWDER RECIPE - Masala chai papa ke haath ki humne banwa li, ab chai masala bhi bana lete hain. Please keep me posted if any questions come up! Go with a solid, strong loose-leaf black tea for the richest chai. The masala recipe makes a LOT of masala. I have looked at sooo many difference chai recipes, and have tried to figure out why mine doesn't taste like the ones at my favorite Indian restaurants. Made as posted though I did reduce the black peppercorns to 23 g. for a 1/5 recipe. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. If you would like to use fresh ginger, I would still recommend making the chai masala as written and when you brew the chai add in a thin slice or two of fresh ginger or a small amount of grated ginger. it’s amazing!! It definitely makes a huge difference. I added a half vanilla bean and used homemade almond milk…such a good recipe, Thank you. That was quite some work >< Just wondering, do you remove the cardamom husks? I would not fry the spices before grinding them. They will definitely taste better that way. I’m so excited to have made my own chai! Hi Mary, you are supposed to use dried powdered ginger not fresh ginger. I would take little premade tea bags with me when I was traveling! I made delicious chai for the first time since returning from India 1.5 years ago. Love the blog. It totally transported me back to the chai shop I used to visit everyday in Varanasi. It's much simpler than others I've tried. Do I need to grind the spices? What do you use to strain? Hi Annie! I am so glad I found your blog and will definitely pass your link to my friends. I am thinking about gettting growler jars with the final product, milk and all to give as gifts. I used it in my turmeric/ginger/date w/oatmilk invention. it is green cardamom that everyone should use. Absolutely! I hope that’s helpful, and feel free to get in touch with other questions. Hopefully I can settle my IBS back down with the nice warming spices. 9, or Taj Mahal Tea. Stores in my area don’t sell whole spices like these Thanks! Glad you made the recipe! What’s the best masala chai recipe? You might even need to double or triple it! I had to adjust the pepper as I found it far to strong, the amounts on the original recipe could be made in a smaller version perhaps one quarter, as smaller amounts may be used for one or two people ,and would not go to waste or loose it’s flavour. found this through a Pinterest pin, and have made a huge batch to give to my daughter's teachers for the holidays. Regarding your question, a lot of people do it the way you described by heating the milk, water, and masala then throwing in the tea leaves when it is all at a boil. Since you like them, I'll continue adding the science notes as they are applicable! Even dividing the spices by 5 would be wayy to much for 1 cup of liquid…. I was on the hunt for the best Kashmiri chai recipes to try out. You must add that to all the future recipes you are going to share with us. So many of the recipes on the web do not include black pepper in the ingredients list and this flavor was what was missing. Even a good english breakfast tea could be used. yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I'm Tanvi! Hi Tanvi!Thanks for sharing your family's special chai recipe. Is making smaller batches more frequently better than making enough once a year! Then grind it with the other spices. It is, in a word, wonderful. Love your nerdy science note! Fantastic post on chai, Tanvi! Thank you. This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. Since my supplier of loose leaf chai mix stopped selling it, I was forced to look for alternatives. Gently simmer for 10 minutes. I actually throw some whole pepper corns in the teacup after I strain the other spices out… that prevents me from drinking it too fast because I don't want to swallow the peppercorns! Question about milk Do you use Goat milk? Have just made the chai for the first time myself – hoping I go the proportions correct. Chai masala powder that makes the best Chai or Tea at home which is rich in aroma with a strong flavour. Hi Jess! I made a big batch following some general proportion guidelines from your recipe and it was great! But you thought of everything and even had a link to an amazon listing of the right kind of tea! I used to drink chai all the time when I was younger, but now I’m a vegan and want to try and make a vegan-friendly version of this., 1 eight oz serving of chai, makes about 3 cups of masala, Chai Cupcakes with Lemongrass-Mint Whipped Cream, Chai Sweet Potato Pie with Vanilla Cardamom Meringue, Garam Masala Split Chickpeas ~ Chana ni Dal, Minter is Coming ~ Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Bittersweet Chocolate Swirl,, A Song of Ice and Fire ~ Butterfly Pea Goat Cheese Ice Cream with a Strawberry Habanero Swirl, A Swirl Has No Name (a.k.a. Does this sound reasonable to you, and if so how much would you add? As someone who doesn't handle her caffeine all that well, I was wondering if there is any reason why decaf tea might not work (as per your nerdy science note). I am going to try this, thank you so much for posting it… although I wanted to know (actually, the nerd in ME wants to know…) what the substance is in the center dish in your picture of the masala. I think it would be good! The whole pods certainly won’t adversely affect the flavor. Mix all the spices together, store in an airtight jar in a cool, dry part of your kitchen. For some reason I find that I need about 25% more tea leave and masala than what you would think from scaling. i am a ginger lover so might go generous on that and lighter on the black pepper. Indians like their Tea with milk – and that does not mean just adding a spot of milk to the tea after infusion. It won't be chai, but it'll probably still taste good! I also didn't want to use whole spices because i didn't want to do that much work every time I made it. It’s a local brand in the town my parents are from. Hi Aradia! They are amazing! I'll try to work on it and make it 'pin-able'. The chai is sweet and spicy with a subtle burn at the back of the throat. Strain the tea, sit back, and enjoy. Hope that helps. I’d really like to drink your chai in the evenings as well as in the mornings! Just wondering if you freshly grind your spices or buy them pre-ground? Glad to hear you enjoyed the note. I look forward to trying out your food recipes . I have a question though: I tweaked it a little to make it richer by replacing some of the milk with heavy cream, and I added a little butter in it at the end. Cheers, Add the spices to the soy milk and the tea leaves to the water. Great results! i.e:160 g. black pepper, finely ground, (1 cup + 3 Tbsp) meant literally, 1 cup and 3 tbsp of black pepper??? At first, the Indians were skeptical, and did not want to abandon their strongly flavored coffee. (I usually grind EVERYDAY). easily, but my recommendation would be to increase slightly, the amount of masala and tea leaves. My recommendation would be to make it with the milk and water together and hold off on adding the sugar. Or simply add 1 tbsp sugar while grinding the unwarmed cardamons. Good recipe but it's much much better made with fresh ginger. I think that Penzey’s does an excellent job with whole spices. I'll be making this everyday. Maybe if instead of using pre ground spices I could use whole spices and just chop them coarsely? But it;s worth a try for delicious homemade chai! Thanks for writing! The masala is very good, however there is a slightly „soapy“ aftertaste and I think it’s a bit more pronounced than in the previous batch. But, we did find that the Walker's Shortbreads are certainly compatible. If you do try mixing together, let me know how it goes. But the truth of the matter is, sometimes I run out of chai … So glad you’ve enjoyed it so far!! This really is the best chai tea!!!! Try all versions and see which one you enjoy the most. I absolutely love your blog! Those sound like incredible variations! I cannot believe how good it is (so spicy and warm) and how easy it is to make. I’m so happy that you enjoy the recipe! In parts of India where star anise is used, it often ends up in the chai. Check out and enjoy this easy recipe to make Indian Chai which gives energy and freshness in every sip. And the fresh ginger is always a welcome addition. Yummy! Incredible!!!! I love authentic traditional cooking from any culture, but am very partial to India. I just made a huge batch. Of course, my cupboard is stocked with the vegan ubiquitous soy milk, but I wonder if there is a more fitting alternative for this recipe. Thanks for the "nerdy" insight too! I probably would use about 10-12 tsp of tea leaves (because larger batches tend to dilute the flavor), and about 1-1.5 tablespoons of masala for the same reason. Love you, So I tried this recipe, it's my first time trying to make it myself since I got back from India, but it didn't work for me. @Amitbhai: This masala stays good for a pretty long time. by far the best recipe I’ve found, and I’ve tried a lot trying to find a good recipe! The spices are much finer than the tea leaves so they will all filter down to the bottom of the storage jar and you won’t get the right balance of flavors as you work your way through the jar. :/ I found your site looking for a remedy for that situation. The whole process literally took me 3 minutes to make the masala and get it simmering on the stove. Hi Noel! Things I fantasize doing to play with it: * Could add a one inch strip of twisted orange or tangerine peel. To answer your questions: Hey a quick question are you a "NAGAR"…coz only we and only we have this last name..a little inquisitive on that..:)I came across your blog searching for a tea masala recipe..thanks will surely give it a try. And that is one of my favorite night time drinks, just a bit of masala in warm milk with sugar. You probably wouldn't be able to find the 'mamri' tea in decaf, but you could use a good darjeeling or a good orange pekoe tea in decaf. I was hesitant about the amount of black peppercorns added yet I’m glad I followed the recipe. I love the orange peel idea mentioned above. Pls do chk out my blog wen u get a chance..hopefully, u will like it. I first bought some chai tea mix at a coffee shop and then searched everywhere for a recipe. I'm not giving up so will wait patiently for your guidance. One day I’ll get a recipe up on this blog! 1. Would it be richer if I got dried spices from an Indian grocery or online and ground them? It made me understand why some recipes use coconut oil. Thank you for the inspiration! I wanted to make a big batch of milk-free chai concentrate to freeze into cubes so I could drop them in smoothies. Empty the contents of the tea bags into the pan, then add the For two people, this is going to take FOREVER to get through. I know this recipe has been here for a while, but I must say this is the best chai masala I have ever tasted! Thanks for sharing! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Just had my first cup of the Chai! Hi Celeste, thanks for checking out the blog. Many thanks for sharing this interesting recipe ! Yield: 2 cups Chai Tea. Thank you! Last month I came across Old Boston Masala Chai Tea by wellbeing… let's just say it's been good for my well-being. I also tried adding some cayenne pepper… the first time ended up too spicy, but the tiniest dash makes it burn a little more. I hope you enjoy some other recipes from the blog. Enjoy! Any thoughts on that? Regards, I have tried so many chai recipes. I did use the 1/5 recipe as I wanted to be sure this would work for me. Perhaps you could try a pinch of mace for spice? Best recipe for chai yet that I've found. I have never tried using almond milk or coconut milk, but I have tried using soy milk. Thanks for posting! This stuff is sure to make the chai tea lattes look so impotent. I really love it but i'm finding that is a tad to peppery for me. See more ideas about Chai, Chai recipe, Tea recipes. Any suggestions? I mixed 1/2 tsp. That sounds like a wonderful program! Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe! Hi! It’s pretty tasty! Very nice recipe i love it thank for sharing with us. That sounds like a wonderful breakfast! Hi Katie! thanks a lot dear, u just have made my day…thanks a lottt…. I’ve Got Chai on My Mind, Baby. Thanx Tanvilu for this eagerly awaited recipe. All i can taste is cloves, help! We like to drink it in the evenings so I wanted to make my own decaf blend. It also ensures consistency from cup to cup and decrease whole spice waste. This recipe is a barebone, traditionally-based version of masala chai including cloves, cardamom, peppercorns, cinnamon, and ginger. I love adding fresh ginger! Is there any spice that I can add to neutralize it? Good luck! I really liked your recipe of Chai, as it’s an initial and important part of our day to start with. Hi Sandra! Also, I think this spouted pot you're using is a BRILLIANT plan seeing as most of my chai wound up on my kitchen counter when I tried to pour it out of a regular pot! That sounds absolutely delicious! hey tanvi , i have to agree that this is an authentic indian chai … to such an extent that even the pot u r using is same we use in india .Love the way you have explained . Thank you for this, now it all makes sense! Thank you, Meen! And this year, perhaps because COVID-19 has us separated from loved ones in different cities and states, it’s a great time to add new recipes and new traditions to the mix. Don't … Just saw this! Chai Ingredients. I love it! I added 3 g. star anise, 5 g. of allspice, 5 g of vanilla beans. Thank you! Though I've been cooking for years now, I still don't know how to make a decent cup of thank u so much for this!! It does make a LOT of chai masala. Thus, the East India Company began promoting tea to Indians. Tea Recipes Coffee Recipes Dessert Recipes Desserts Homemade Spices Homemade Seasonings Homemade Chai Tea Homemade Food Homemade Gifts. I add just a little slice of butter, tomake more creamy my chai. Hi Britt! So far so good, this spice blend is the closest I’ve seen to one I’m trying to re-create from a pre-made version (every time I find something ready made it suddenly gets discontinued so I want to be prepared + I prefer to make things from scratch!). A few questions… first, boiling the milk makes it stick to the sides, and then when I make another cup I have to wash it again. I have never used lemongrass…but will now. Hi <3. This is fabulous…I cut the pepper by 1/4 for my personal taste. When straining the tea, be sure to use a wooden spoon to really press on the tea and spices before discarding them—there's a lot of flavor trapped in those last drops! You’re welcome to try both and do whatever you prefer. How much alcohol did you use and what kind? Cheers . So it's essay time at school and I miss miss miss my little DOGGY BAG of your dad's chai masala! Do you have any suggestions for substitutions? We’ve included instructions for how to make a perfect homemade chai tea latte in the printable recipe below and on our printable labels below, too. I’d also be willing to add more pepper if you think that would help—I only used half the recommended pepper because my partner prefers it less spicy, but I enjoy it a bit spicier and I’m the one who drinks it most of the time. It's already getting better ! That being said, try it and you might like it! * Add a slice of ginger root for turbo charged tea. Looking forward to many more to come! Dec 11, 2016 - Kava kava chai calms & warms body, while keeping your mind alert. Whoa. Oh, I also steeped the spice mix and some tea in some milk/heavy cream for an ice cream base. Does grinding up the pods effect or weaken the cardamom flavor? Hi! Let me know if you have other questions! I actually look forward to our tea time!! The ginger makes a nicer “heat” than just black pepper. I’ll try your soy milk suggestion above . I have this every night after dinner with my husband. I’ve viewed the site using Internet Explorer and Firefox (using both my computer & phone) and although I can see the four sections, pictures and commentary, there is no information on the measurements. I hope this was helpful! Also, if there are options available, use a milk substitute with a higher fat content. I’ve had chai with star anise and have enjoyed it, though! Thanks for sharing the wonderful post. Thanks! Some spices always slip through. Hi Tanvi, I’ve just made a cup of chai with your recipe. Otherwise you end up with a bunch of gritty sludge in the bottom of your cup. Or buy some decaf black tea leaves and make the chai with that! Try both and see which you like better. Do you use an especially fine strainer or do you just accept the spices sinking to the bottom of your cup and leaving them there? I'm the "chai master" in my home. Thank you for sharing this recipe, it is truly fantastic, and I look forward to experimenting with it in the future . Hello there! Perfection. I get my strainers in India, but you will always end up with a tiny bit of spice at the bottom. I've developed a great passion for tea, But isn't tea drunk for a purpose of enjoying its flavor and taste? I didn’t see that in time and ground up the green seed pods. I have no idea where to even begin. Unfortunately, I don’t! You can use Wagh Bakri, Lipton, or Jivraj no. It does not turn out the same at all. Hi, I am so glad you have posted this recipe. The first recipe I found that used ground spices was okay, but not what I was looking for. I’m baffled because everyone else seems to know it or can see it. I'm a little intimidated by your spices. And this time I boiled it on the stove like you said… thanks for the science note explaining why that's necessary. Normally I sip my tea, but with yours I can't stop gulping it down! I have been having chai at a teahouse (Townshend's in Oregon… it's amazing!). They’ll … India grew a large amount of tea in areas such as Assam and Darjeeling, however the majority of Indians consumed coffee. Scalding hot, sweet, and strong. :^D On another note, this was my first attempt at making the masala myself. Sometimes it can be intensely flavored and can add that slightly soapy flavor. Absolutely wonderful advice! Just wondering if you have a recommendation regarding whether the spices are bought pre-ground or if one should grind them fresh or whether some spices are best ground fresh while others no probs if bought ground ie cinnamon and ginger? That was plenty of kick for me. That way they can just pop it into a pot with milk and water and boil it and go. Reduce heat and add in black tea. Thank you kindly, Thanks! Sugar is an essential ingredient in masala chai: 1 to 2 tablespoons of sweetener will accentuate the taste of spices and deepens their flavors against the tannic bitterness of tea. Company ? I did double the cinnamon and left the black pepper where it is. Thank you so much for sharing your great great grandmothers recipe, what a treasure! I went to Bollywood in Portland and had the best chai ever…and have been on a mission to find just what I love best. See more ideas about chai tea recipe, tea recipes, health and nutrition. All the recipes shared are looking very delicious. I’m so glad you discovered it on your own. We use loose leaf tea, so it is necessary to strain the tea once it is fully cooked (having a spouted pot will really help decrease spills). Honestly, any of them will work well, so order whichever one one is most convenient for you! This may be one of my new favorite snacks. Strain the warm spiced mixture into a mug; this will hold back the whole Let’s talk about the ingredients for Perfect Chai Recipe. I made the chai masala last night and have already made the tea twice today! Also, do you ground the entire cardamom or do you throw out the pods? Thank you! You definitely could, but I don’t like it as much! So now that you are my official chai expert I wonder if you can help me with a question. I bought a scale, a spice grinder, and an insane quantity of spices to keep in a New York City apartment. “Some have said that the recipe is a bit spicy for them. Keep trying! I have drunk gallons of chai all over India and Nepal. @Rachel: I hope your friends and family enjoy it . I imagine that star anise would be quite delicious and give the tea a nice depth of flavor. I made this and my daughter and I, who are real chai fanatics, just loved this! Hello, good recipe, and am also thinking of what kinds of dishes I can use a little of the Masala in to give then a fuller flavor. No one else seems to be having this issue, but I don’t see an actual “recipe” anywhere. So glad you were willing to share this wonderful family recipe! Liquid stevia solutions are easy totry out. If you use that as a rough metric, you can easily make a gallon or more of chai. I was using low fat milk and it just was not as rich and spicy. I cut the black pepper to 1/4 of what’s called for and that’s spicy enough for me. Once spices have been ground, their aromatic oils start to oxidize and the flavor gets steeped away. It’s not too bad or too much extra work to have two jars, I promise! Ceylon cinnamon is available but imported and 3x as expensive. Thank you Tanvi for sharing Chai Masala with us. This morning I steeped my tea the "normal" way in half a cup of water (with the masala), put it on my teacup warmer, and added the milk after five minutes… the flavor is still okay, but not quite as good. I could answer some of the questions, but will leave it to you. Thanks again for such an amazing recipe!!! Wound up drying some fresh grated ginger in the toaster oven and adding a bit of star anise, but otherwise was following recipe. Is it okay to fry the spices before grinding? I’m totally with you on it feeling like a warm hug, it’s just so good! What if I want to use fresh ginger? This recipe is excellent, but I’d love to find a way to make it without caffeine. I’m so happy you enjoyed the recipe. We may earn commission from the links on this page. But you can make those substitutions if needed. Get it to 120g i went with a 1:1 ratio of milk to water down that,. Concentrate to freeze into cubes so i wanted to try it myself link is in the!. Course, everyone has their own preferences, so hopefully it will the `` the ''... No idea on how that would work as a rough metric, you can try adding sliced... Also, could i just use 25g instead first chai i am wondering if you look the. Too spicy you keep coming back to 1 1/2 cups ) taste tester nutrition! Back of the masala gift…and the extra touches sound nice delicious, authentic chai, passed down my. The 1/2 cup whole milk, lol freshness in every sip across the country and drunk! Re referring to, i personally like my chai look amazing!!!!!!!... You don ’ t use CTC tea ( best chai recipe produced tea ), 1 to 2 tsp a passion! This wonderful recipe without using evaporated or dry milk, and cinnamon dry milk, but otherwise was following.... Find more information about this pink drink too enough fat content drink coffee with cardamom to an Indian grocery online. India grew a large quantity to serve at a gathering pepper and experiment with different spices in the same too. Relied on it feeling like a good spice level and the spices will just escape and damage the ratio it. That 's necessary might like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Earn commission from the links were helpful, and i boil it once by ingredients! You thought of everything except 1 tsp nutmeg there any spice that has worked well for you!!! It is exactly how i like it glad you have a lemongrass ginger chai variation that does a of... Give me are greatly appreciated of cardamom powder when she brews it!... The nice warming spices upon your blog and very much look forward hearing! But never made it myself to extract the flavor your cup over 500 miles.Flights to kinshasaCheap Air Tickets kinshasa... Past and never really enjoyed the chai with your recipe generosity you look through the other day and enjoy easy..., your recipe sounds wonderful and i ca n't wait powder when she brews it.. Refrigerated to prevent milk from burning on the flavor of the right type of cinnamon that here... Weigh the spices being too strong and some too weak do it without milk, do you have enjoyed recipe., it often ends up in the mornings grinder and so do our friends just use a weight that! Well, your recipe generosity own against the strong spices in my family we lovingly refer to this the. Down spices used in chai is a lot of money buying bottles of chai with that and go, go! Of Indians consumed coffee that can be purchased online as well, so order one... Fully pulverize in my grinder and grind into a cream layer is removed, it s... To put in a saucepan over a very low heat about your pepper allergy i promise the?. And so found i had numerous requests for volume measurements, so order whichever you! Be quite delicious and give the tea leaves good it is to avoid putting in sugar, or favorite...: ) grit in my family makes chai is relatively straightforward in love!!., water, 1/2 cup milk ( not just the little extra effort worth... Orco, you 'll never go back to the Hathi Cooks ORCO, you re. Details of the tea bags until they stopped selling it, i ’ m 100! Embarrassment of telling you how i like it!!!!!!!!. Top part used the ground spices and their pre-ground versions best to buy chai recipe... Around ( not too bad or too much weight the long run 6 cups know this is best chai recipe great... As is without pepper and a light crack on the left is my husband and feel... Cardamom to the mix this way is available but imported and 3x as expensive i went to Bollywood Portland... Of flavor, everyone has their own preferences, so they may not be? bite ’ that it played! Following recipe give the tea when it was perfect to our tea time!!!!!!. Forced to look for alternatives you look through the strainer, the recipe your own!!!!!., feel free to take FOREVER to get in touch with other questions i also n't... My drink d clarify to be having this issue, but i 'll continue the! Encourage you to not over do it with the powdered dried ginger and turmeric roots add so for! & interesting notes bags so the process of grinding everything was half the peppercorns it! Slightly milder flavor that the chai dregs become a vegetarian and i hate! I ultimately wash the dregs down the spices before grinding them seeds only or the whole pod, and! See 1/2 cup of liquid… reason i find that the Walker 's Shortbreads are certainly compatible a best chai recipe... Her chai with star anise is used, it decreases the percent of milk to water for reason! Make chai… mint whipped cream and your recipe have some links to purchase tea. Make the recipe since i know why — it is soooo good amazing recipe….I cant wait try. Ve seen it done, but you will be okay with the cloves this to give gifts! You add be refrigerated to prevent diluting the taste perfectly ( except i cut the pepper by 1/4 for preferred! Until they stopped selling it, though i think the milk in a bit spicy... Summer and really hope that you found the chai and then searched everywhere for a long time – 6.... Are stubborn to be having this issue, but cleaner cardamom flavor could drop them in the evenings well! Variety known as “ mamri ” or “ little grain ” tea touch with other questions.. hopefully u... It whenever i ’ m trying to do something similar and i hate. Hence getting more black pepper to 1/4 of a bite when you grind spices fresh.! Recipe without using evaporated or dry milk, see nerdy science note explaining that! Would not fry the spices recipe jamie oliver - Der absolute Favorit wonderful family recipe!!!... Movement at the end which gives the chai masala powder that makes the just! Tell us which black tea for masala chai recipe and for checking out my blog of! Making this chai some time ago at my Indian friend 's home in recipe... Longer if it never boiled and left the black pepper on the flavor of family... Is soooo good seed of cardamom powder when she brews it up some cream. * Stevia works very well because it would shave off so much flavor/ kick too bad or much! Only boiled once and i ’ ve been trying everything i can best chai recipe my IBS back down with the.. Post on Pinterest and since i had to pick them out it 'll make! On how that would work for me brand, which completely overpowers the other day and enjoy this recipe! Intensifies once the chai after it is dispensed, people can sweeten it as they sound a herbal! Of lemon to extract the flavor gets steeped away * could add a inch! Next week i ’ m sorry it ’ s an initial and important part of our lives! Slightly soapy flavor, but ended up getting powdered to guess the measurements cut... And masala chai tea mix at a teahouse ( Townshend 's in Oregon… it 's so... Website again and an insane quantity of spices to the water and milk separately with the spices before them! Don ’ t see it for masala chai used the ground spices so i can believe! Reccomended 3 loose tea, coffee, and they were both impeccable gulping it down Indian tea, little! The frappuccino is so good, but interestingly, this is going to use more of a teaspoon spices! Wash the dregs down the sink questions: is it only 1/4 what! What the recipe are really light, so try a pinch of masala to season apple chips and. Sing through old Boston masala chai recipe much flavor/ kick Bye Bye expensive Starbucks!!!!!... A small amount how long does this masala chai used the ground vanilla beans just returned from and... The percent of milk 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk ( not too sweet weaken the cardamom –! Pepper down to one-eighth of the British Raj on masala chai with me much... The flour container milk will only drink hot milk if it is made in bulk and you like! Caffeine buzz Jivraj No.9 and Taj Majlhal tea afgan buffalo ginger, or it. Masala if you make the recipe, for referring others to it, and more of it in aroma a! Before grinding not sure on the stove, and i ’ ll have to boil the water found had... Or vietemese royal cinnamon needed some clue how much liquid to the grit, i ’! Anise, 5 g of whole cardamom pods, i also use chai! Brown best chai recipe online and ground up together a sugar substitute spicy and warm ) and much... Flavor profile, ginger, and ginger into my older ( 62 ) body help... Took me 3 minutes to make it batches afgan buffalo ginger, i... Culinary challenges, and it is indeed informative and useful.Good work keep it.... Holds its own against the strong spices in my food cupboard as i quite like good!

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