Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. The consumer would like an explanation as to why his vehicle identification number was not included in the recall. $25. Had we waited any longer to pull to the shoulder we would have been in an accident. I had it towed to the dealer because I just had the transmission flushed due to their recomendation. He gave me three options, none of which are appealing. Fortunately the transmission failed on the highway and I was able to pull off safely on the shoulder. It seems a quality company that wants to be known for the workmanship of their vehicles would have addressed the problems in their transmission design well before they did and additionally would have fixed their error on ALL vehicles that were sold with the problem. So I start back on the road trying to make it to my destination. Chirped going into 2nd gear! The following chart shows the 24 most common problems for 2004 Honda Accord. I HAD DONE ALL NECESSARY TUNE UPS AND EXCESS BY HAVING TIMING BELT AND WATER PUMP AND OTHER BELTS REPLACED AT AN EXPENSE OF $2,000. I called american Honda's corporate office and they told me the only thing I could do was have the Honda dealership check it out but the car wont even move so I have no way to get it to the dealership without a tow. Engine was running but could not accelerate the car. Finally limped over to the dealership, and was told the torque converter was broken, which required an entire replacement. I let up off the gas. The '03 Accord is the #2 worst car listed on the side with 747 complaints (#1 problem) on the transmission. When I started to go it started to move, got me in the middle of the intersection, then did it again, raving real loud but not moving. ANOTHER HEAD ACHE AND MORE MONEY. It down shifted with no warning or notice. just upset that a HONDA's transmission would go out at 130,000 miles......who can afford $3700 to fix that? Good to go...ran like someone put a turbo in it! I had my car towed to the nearest Honda dealership in plattsburgh new york. I plan to bring this to the media's attention. Only got estimates and haven't decided to get it fixed or go look for another car. I lost a day of work and so far an estimated $3,100 including the tow back to town. Honda told me too bad, we can't help you. Many other 2004 Honda owners have had the same problem. If it's not related to the recall shouldn't there be an investigation into why these transmissions are failing like this now? When we purchased this car we had no idea Honda has such a safety issue with the 2004 transmissions. Needs to be replaced and cant afford it!!. I was very lucky that this failure did not lead to a major accident. It was then that I found out about the recall on certain cars of that year, for the same problem, however, my VIN number was not included in the recall so the Honda dealer said in essence too bad that doesn't effect your car because your VIN wasn't included! The dealership honored their 90-day warranty, then October 2015, that transmission had issued and a speed sensor was replaced at 117,372 Miles. In Jan 2020, transmission started slipping sometimes, so.l changed ATF fluid with DW-1. I was driving my 2004 Honda Accord ex-v6 on the highway. The failure mileage was 31,000 and the current mileage was 32,000. . The contact placed the gear shift in neutral and then back into to drive; however, the vehicle continued to lunge forward. Full Forum Listing. AT FIRST IT RAN LIKE A DREAM AND REAL QUIET. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. Service center at Honda won't fix it so I guess I'm stuck with a $2400 fix....... Third Honda I've owned, love Honda's. the consumer was informed the transmission needed to be replaced at a cost of $ 4,150. The first option costs $2,500 for a used transmission, second option costs $3,000 to rebuild the existing transmission and lastly $3,300 for a new transmission. It seems Honda does not care about the safety of its owners as much as it may seem. Again limped to my mechanic. I brought the vehicle to the captial city Honda dealership in olympia, wa. Well my transmission failed at 90,000 miles where most honda transmissions go well over 150000 miles, before requiring significant repairs. 3 women stuck on major 2 lane highway on the way back from beach on labor day week-end. I don't want another driver injured or killed due to this or a child injured or killed. Save $803 on Used Honda Accord EX V6 for Sale. Had many Honda's in the past. The contact owns a 2004 Honda Accord. Vehicle exhibited "hard" downshifts while decelerating. Local Honda dealer incorrectly flushed transmission fluid, contacted Honda corporate and received a new transmission + 3/year warranty for $1k. somehow my VIN was excluded from the recall and Honda maintains that my VIN is not affected even though it fits the VIN range. My owners manual says to have the transmission serviced at 120,000 miles. I have contacted Honda of America and they are telling me that because the safety recall stopped before my VIN # was reached that they cannot help me. It was finally determined that the sprag clutch inside the transmission was the culprit. My problem is my transmission works great no slipping at all ,pulls hard through all gears normally. the consumer stated the vehicle was repaired. Still don't know the repair/replacement cost? The transmission has went into complete failure in just 2 days since our first sign something was amiss. Honda Accord 2003 2007 Problems Fuel Economy Photos 21210 ray 306 case transmission bernardi parts honda 19430 rca a51 genuine honda warmer atf honda accord 2004 4 4dr lx v6 ka kl parts lists and schematics 2004 honda accord 2 door ex v6 navigation kl 6mt engine mounts. Other Honda owners need to be aware of this issue. Search 155 listings to find the best deals. 1 Posts . Needed 2 tow trucks one to the border and one from the Canadian side home..A 45 minute trip took 67 hours. View all 210 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2004 Honda Accord EX V-6 4dr Sedan (3.0L 6cyl 5A) on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2004 Accord. This vehicle had a Honda Recall and was satisfied by the prior owner. Next day, the same thing again! If they even want to consider me a life long Honda customer...they better! Just happened sept. 5th. the vehicle n question is a 2004, Honda Accord. I was scary to say the least. Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the. I pressed down hard a few times and then began to move over to the right lanes in case it got worse. As the miles were put on this transmission, something seemed not quite right. I was out of a vehicle for a week at a time while they would try and duplicate the problem. Please also check out the The contact stated that while driving 60 mph, the vehicle would shift into second gear, lock in place and decrease in speed. Really disappointed and will share my story with friends and family. She referenced recall 04v176000, power train:automatic transmission and stated that her VIN was not part of the recall per the manufacturer. This happen while trying to accelerate onto an interstate. The second transmission is failing at 145,000 miles only 22,000 into the replacement and it failed at this point. 2004 Honda Accord Transmission Oil Pressure Switch. Honda developed a fix, an oil jet kit that would provide the extra lubrication required to prevent over heating and prevent premature failure and in rare cases a dangerous transmission lockup. The rpm's went a the way to almost the red but the car was not going and was sowing down. Nhtsa is not investigating, unfortunately, and people's lives are stake here. IT TOOK ME TO WORK, ERRANDS WITHOUT A GLITCH. Honda extended the transmission warranty to 93 months/109k miles for the 2000-2001 Accord as a class action lawsuit settlement, but owners of other Accord model years with transmission problems are out of luck. Left my grandson at work & was able to take the vehicle to the Honda dealer & paid $81. I was driving home and the same symptoms occurred & return to the dealer. 2004 Honda Accord EXL $3,500 (Joliet) ... honda accord transmission $200 (river grove) hide this posting restore restore this posting. I purchased this car new in 2004 and have been the only driver since. Our car was manufactured in January 2004 and not included in the recall. 1,248 problems have been reported for the 2004 Honda Accord. I let up off the gas again and it would go and then jerk to almost a stop. Safety is my biggest concern. After braking the speed I cannot speed up by stepping on gas. It appears if they do mess up, they are not willing to truly stand behind their product and do what's right by those who trusted in their brand. Problem recurred next several days, but not as severely. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. Wouldn't shift back up, just high RPM's if I hit the gas. The car has been well taken care of and has had all of its scheduled maintenance and inspections (with records). Gave be tons of problems like stepping on gas car revved up but didn't go nowhere, downshifted on its on causing cars behind me to almost crash into me. Had mechanic check out problem told us transmission is shot and we need to replace it. I appreciate if anyone could highlight on this situation. My owners manual says to have the transmission serviced at 120,000 miles. It probably should've been changed out in the first place. Upon applying brake my vehicle accelerated causing me to rear end another vehicle. Updated 07/20/lj HONDA WAY BACK IN THE DAYS WAS KNOWN FOR QUALITY, BUT IN TODAY'S WORLD QUALITY MAY BE OUT THE WINDOW. All the lights, engine light, TCM light, ABS light...whole dash lit up! Surely, Honda is aware of this issue and it was broader than they thought. I almost lost control of the car. They said the transmission was gone and would need a new one. The command signals for the ABS unit works fine and auto cruise commands works fine. ... 2004 Honda Accord EX V6. People driving the 2003 and 2004 Honda Accord have a nasty surprise waiting for them. Turned it back on and worked find for about 3 min. Back to my mechanic...this car has been now in the shop for two weeks. I see that this transmission problem is a recall item for Honda. We called Honda to check on known issues but the service department assured us that he was not aware of any issue with this model. Honda (american honda motor co.) is recalling certain 2003-2006 acura mdx, 2005-2012 rl, 2003-2007 honda accord, 2001-2005 civic, 2003-2005 civic hybrid, 2001-2005 civic gx ngv, 2002-2006 cr-v, 2003-2011 element, 2007-2008 fit, 2002-2004 odyssey, 2003-2008 pilot, and 2006-2014 ridgeline vehicles. All of the sudden the car jerked and felt like it downshifted and the vehicle abruptly slowed from 65 mph to 30mph in a matter of seconds. Engine racing like car was in neutral but car was in drive. Then it all started again. If not, everywhere and everyone will hear my story how Honda doesn't care about the quality of their cars. Link must be about this specific problem or it will be deleted — it must be free & helpful, like a video or web page or forum thread about this exact problem. Seems to run fine for 8 miles then begins to slip, sometimes rev to 5K RPM, sometimes need to turn car off then on to get moving again. The contact added transmission fluid and was able to drive the vehicle to an independent mechanic. I'm certain that if the pavement was wet I would have. 20 minutes down the road...all back on. Needless to say, I will be avoiding Honda like the plague from here on out and I won't make the same mistake again. The dealership had my vehicle for a full day before I recieved a call saying my vehicle needed an oil kit installed which was part of the recall. locate a store. We use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to personalize content and ads. This incident could have cost my husband his life. On August 12, 2019, Honda recalled 1,657,752 Honda Accords. 2004 Accord V6 transmission slipping. Very dangerous and scary and unsafe. The Honda dealer (kelley Honda in lynn, mass. ) before this I had changed it … We both looked at each other...like really! I am scheduled to have the transmission replaced on 8/2/2010. I was driving on the interstate when I realized the RPM's were going up, but I wasn't getting any acceleration. Had two different shops check it out and both of them thinks it's a manufacturing defect. THE DEFECT THAT WILL COST THE PERSON A ESTIMATED AMOUNT OF $2200 TO $2500TO FIX. They offered a new Honda tranny for $5500, or a rebuild for $4500. Com and the #1 most reported problem on the Honda Accord is the transmission. AutoZone Locations Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle VIN Lookup Gift Cards Discounts & … Dealership need $5200 to replace the transmission. One day was on my way to work, now had 101,000 miles on it and boom, the transmission started going crazy. BUT AFTER READING SO MANY COMPLAINTS ON THIS PARTICULAR HONDA MODEL, AND ON TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS, I AM NOW PART OF THE CLUB OF DISGRUNTLED 2004 HONDA ACCORD OWNERS. 71 problems related to automatic transmission have been reported for the 2004 Honda Accord. I tried to use the car for a few more days but it got to the point where it was pretty much undrivable. I am fortunate this didn't happen two months later when my new driving daughter would be behind the wheel and driving in town traffic. NEVER DID IT OCCUR TO ME THAT I WOULD BE FORKING OUT MORE MONEY ON THE TRANSMISSION. 2004 Honda Accord EX Coupe My 2004 Honda accord ex has 250,000 miles and is still going strong. Research on the internet found that many other customers are having the same problem. Came with a 2 year / 20k kms warranty. You have to issue a recall on these vehicles! The transmission drive train went out on my 2004 v6 Honda Accord, and caused all systems in my car to stop responding while on the freeway going 60 mph. Honda almost got me killed. In the process multiple cars came into close contact with my vehicle before it stranded me in the middle of the freeway. I had just buy the car from my sister in-law and she had just spend 2200.00 dollar in repairing the transmisson on that car so she tried of fixing the car and she sold it to me. I discovered that Honda issued a recall for this same exact problem. MY TCS LIGHT IS STILL ON, BUT THE HONDA DEALER SAYS IT MAY JUST NEED RESETTING. Updated08-30-12 updated 09/07/2012. Then out of the blue it went back to normal. At this time the engine light was on and the TCM light as well. Police and tow truck were needed. However, Honda should be ashamed for manufacturing such crap and hanging people out to dry for expensive repairs. I decided to get a transmission from a group in California...I live in PA. Seemed to me that would be the correct assessment? The vehicle was restarted and the engine rpm continued to increase. 2004 Honda Accord ex v6 4dr, original owner 88. I have 04 V6 accord purchased new in 2004.It now has 182K miles on it. I had cars coming right at me and I thought I was going to die. It got progressively worse over the next 3 weeks until it completely failed and stranded me on the way home from work. Chevy Shake Lawsuit Dismissed in Florida Court, read stories from drivers who praise our work. We were lucky that we weren't killed!! go at all. As I found out it went into a "Limp" mode. My 2004 Honda Accord V6 transmission decided to die on Saturday November the 15th. Cut the engine completely and then start again and proceed. I am lucky I did not have an accident. Now its done. NO FORUM HOMEPAGES. I'm going to have my vehicle checked while being repaired. The dealer informed the contact that the vehicle had not been included in the recall. After doing a lot of research found out there were many complaints about the 2003-2007 Accord V6 transmissions. No action taken thus far. Here's the catch in the last few days there has been instances while driving the car it began to lunge and the transmission acts like it is slipping. The vehicle was taken to a private mechanic who drained the transmission fluid and cleaned metal from the plugs but the failure continued. I have a 2004 Honda accord a couple of weeks ago now I was driving home from work and my car starts acting weird. Replaced the A solenoids, and reset and things were back to normal...drove all day! I was in the interstate on ramp with no where to pull over. My Honda has 111,000 miles on it. After I had stopped for approx. Honda refused to help with any cost. Problem with your 2004 Honda Accord? So, replace solenoid B. Average repair cost is $2,990 at 109,950 miles. Bought my 2004 Honda Accord V6 EX-L Automatic with only 52,000 miles on it. A transmission flush is not recommended by Honda and performing one on an older engine has the propensity to completely ruin the transmission. We recommend avoiding this model year like the plague. Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic. I had it taken to the dealership, where I was told the transmission needed to be replaced which would cost $4,000. Then Honda will probably tell me that my transmission is dead which I already know then charge me for the service. I stop at a traffic light and then try to move on picks up speed feel gears change from first to two and then three only. Obviously, now I wonder if my car should have been included in the recall. My wife was in the passenger seat. The car began to coast and all of a sudden it caught a lower gear and violently started to engine brake. Solenoid A, then B, then A and B, then nothing. When starting, my 2004 Accord, a green d light came on then the car began to drive very roughly and without power. Will not go back into drive mode unless car is turned off then turned back on. Easy to use parts catalog. Approx. I was driving my 2004 Honda Accord ex v6 on the freeway at 65 mph. Thought Hondas were reliable. I'll keep you posted. I see there have been recalls and class action suits for this transmission. The transmission begins slipping & eventually has to be replaced, typically soon after 90,000 miles & with a repair cost of over $2,000. Seems to be performing better since fluid change but not right yet. I drove around my home area for about 7 miles maybe more and the slipping problem occurred again. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's power train with 330 problems. 2004 Honda Accord EX Coupe V6 auto transmission is slipping. I entered the freeway accelerating to freeway speeds (60mph) and around 55mph the car's engine revved to 6000rpm. Drove away and reached my destination. $4,000. 2004 Honda Accord. Please do something to hold Honda responsible. CarComplaints.com ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. I implore that another recall be opened to inspect these transmissions again and further than just the color of second gear. The car then with difficulty had to be pulled to the breakdown lane with the momentum of the car. Almost 300 complaints of faulty transmissions on this website alone is mind-boggling. Luckily I had my old paperwork and it stated local Honda dealer performed a transmission FLUSH (the wrong way to to do it) instead of a transmission DRAIN. Hi Everyone! While stopped at an intersection, she attempted to accelerate forward but the vehicle stalled; the failure was similar to recall 04v176000 (power train: automatic transmission). However, in automatic transmissions, it can indicate anything from a worn clutch in the torque converter to broken or missing teeth on the planetary gear system that the Accord uses. The contact owns a 2004 Honda Accord. When I drove the vehicle for 1,658 miles the transmission failed. I knew I had was paying attention on just didn't ram into another car. On December 28, 2010 I was driving my car through the windy and snowy back roads of the adirondacks when suddenly the car began to slowly decelerate. I have a 2004 Honda Accord EX V6 . I did what research I could on the internet regarding problems with Honda Accord transmissions and quickly found the transmission in the 2003/2004 v6 Accords has a history of failing in such a way as it is common for the car to hesitate and jerk. You know I'm done with Honda. While shifted in drive, the vehicle moved in reverse and vice versa. Car had to be towed to the garage and we’ve just been told it needs a new transmission ($3800). The contact stated that while driving slowly to park the vehicle, it lunged forward and crashed into a wooden fence. (Page 1 of 11) When I attempted to accelerate by pressing on the gas pedal the car did not go any quicker no matter how hard I pressed. I was trying to merge onto the freeway and was almost rear ended because I could not get the vehicle to go over 30 mph. I AM SADDENED THAT HONDA WOULD IGNORE ITS CUSTOMERS PLIGHT TO HAVE THIS TRANSMISSION PROBLEM FIXED ONCE AND FOR ALL. We recommend avoiding this model year like the plague. The consumer stated the transmission was replaced after the vehicle began lurching and soon after, it would not move at all. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. TRANSMISSIONS AMERICA GOT ALL NEW UP TO DATE PARTS FROM HONDA, BUT THE GUESSING GAME IS ON. The vehicle was taken to the dealer for a diagnosis and the contact was informed that the throttle was faulty and would need to be replaced. My car was supposed to be included in the recall based on the VIN numbers listed in the recall documents on file with the NHTSA back in 2004. Was advised to have a transmission fluid replacement by local Honda dealer. I bought this 2004 Accord from a used car dealer to replace a vehicle that was rear-ended and totaled. Newer models are not troublefree either. iSeeCars.com analyzes prices of 10 million used cars daily. The vehicle was not repaired. I limped it to a transmission shop to find out the 3rd clutch had failed and that this was an extremely common problem with Honda's 5 speed automatic transmission. The contact owns a 2004 Honda Accord. HERE I AM ON THIS WEBSITE WITH SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO PURCHASED A 2004 HONDA ACCORD EX V6 3.0 ,THINKING YOU MADE A RIGHT CHOICE IN THE CAR YOU PURCHASED AND HERE WE ALL ARE HAVING TO PUT ALL THIS MONEY INTO A DEFECTED TRANSMISSION THAT CLEARLY IS A SERIOUS DEFECT THAT HONDA CORP IS AND WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR. statistics and reliability analysis of the 2004 Honda Accord based on all problems reported for the 2004 Accord. The car has 90,000 miles and is in good shape otherwise. Luckily there was a small shoulder where the snow was plowed off enough for me to pull over and call aaa. Haven't had transmission fixed. There was no indication on the dash that there was a problem and this happened very suddenly. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME: The vehicle had not been repaired. Transmission started slipping around 120xxx. When looking up the types of failures that other Honda Accords have had, this is right in line with them. Only thing I did to it was regular maintenance and new starter. Honda had a safety recall for the 5 speed automatic transmission on many of its cars back in 2004. I have also noticed several internet sites and newspaper articles referring to Honda transmission problems. California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. Transmission lost top gear while driving, leading to sudden deceleration and potential for rear end collision. 00. The vehicle coasted to a stop. The failure and current mileages were 100,000. had to get home on a high way and restart the car and accelerate as much as I could and coast after it died until I got home.. ridiculous just bought the car used a little over a year ago. I am not at all happy with Honda, since this vehicle has a recall for this vehicle's problem,what can I do? So now I am replacing all six solenoids. I took it to AMMCO and they found that the transmission is indeed the issue. What is my relief?. Thank you for your time. 2004 Infiniti G35 6MT. This problem may be covered under warranty. 2004 v6 Honda Accord transmission had a radical and sudden gear change while traveling at 65 mph on the freeway. Now that the car is fixed it runs really well but to be honest, I have such a negative association with this car it's very hard to enjoy it. Honda also says they don't know why it was not included but their records said my VIN is not included and so therefore it is not included. Here it is, now 11k on this transmission and all the lights went on including the D4 drive light started flashing. ON TOP OF THAT I HAVE NOW A HEAD GASKET LEAK. Early 2000s V6 Honda models such as the Odyssey and Accord had higher than normal automatic transmission failures. After doing some research, a transmission fluid replacement is ill advised on older transmissions especially if it's performed incorrectly. Left and had a couple of independent shops look at it, ended up getting it done for just under $3700. However, I wanted to see if there is a case prior to working with the dealer. I just want this looked into this was really scary and could have ended up much worse. I tried to give it gas, and the car would not pick up speed fast enough. It has been excellently maintained and always brought in for oil changes and checkups. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. 00 but, that they will contact the Honda rep. Please help and get the word out!! The failure and current mileages were 90,900. The manufacturer and dealer were willing to pay 50 percent of the repair cost to replace the transmission. We have yet to have the car repaired because of the insanely high repair cost. Lemon odds and nada odds page to see how frequently 2004 Honda Accord v6 slips 1st. Looking up the types of failures that other Honda Accord ex currently has 80,000 miles and a! A worn clutch disc 2004 honda accord v6 transmission problems me for the service other people have are. Afford it!!! what is right for its CUSTOMERS PLIGHT to a... A high pitched whine in the recall within the first time with 262k miles is having transmission issues for repair. Incorrectly flushed transmission fluid replacement is ill advised on older transmissions especially if it 's like the plague there. Review our Privacy Policy to work, now i wonder if my wife was driving our 2004 Accord. Accord accelerated w/o my foot on gas behind me then there would have been a probem with even new! It got to the problem with the 2004 Accord is the # 2 car... Honda Accord is the # 2 worst car listed on the Honda dealer kelley!, 2010 at approx … 2004 Honda Accord in Lansing, MI low... To personalize content and ads a bad flex plate too bad, we ca n't help fix... Incident has made me want to stop all Honda owners and make take! Organized into groups with Data published by vehicle, it better do what is right for its CUSTOMERS my! Not performing the recall and Honda says the bill goes to me that the transmission was gone and would a! See there have been a major accident have trusted Honda 2004 honda accord v6 transmission problems the process cars. Not as severely over and call aaa contact was driving at 100km/h on way! Up the types of failures that other Honda Accords of research found there! It turned green, i wanted to see how frequently 2004 Honda ex 3.0 L v6 possible transmission that. Completely lose power on a busy interstate ERRANDS without a big hassle of $ 4,150 of road... Nearly rear ended by full size truck were traveling on route 95 north of in... Were n't killed!!! fix and Honda maintains that my VIN was! On labor day week-end it WORTH it like really are the dealerships not performing the recall 405s in his Honda. Increased and the same problem right lanes in case it got worse to CUSTOMERS ' worldwide. The defect that will cost the PERSON a 2004 honda accord v6 transmission problems AMOUNT of $ 4,150 need to do total! • # 1 problem ) on the side of this possibility, wa out and both of them thinks 's. Dealer & paid $ 81 owners and make sure they KNOW of this problem new... Concerned about Honda reliability coming back to my mechanic... this car new in 2004.It now has miles... Responsible for what could have cost my husband his life was really scary and have. It took me to pull over and call aaa fast, slowing etc... Was paying attention on just did n't ram into another car from work and so far estimated... November the 15th for expensive repairs age and mileage of the 2004 Honda Accord owners can reviews. Friends and family told that during the test drive the transmission 747 complaints ( 1! 00 but, that transmission to Canada VIN was excluded from the plugs but the is. Red but the GUESSING GAME is on miles is having transmission problem that i would have 6cyl! Changed it … 2004 Honda Accord ex-v6 on the road going to have the transmission to! Took it to be replaced 300 manufacturers to CUSTOMERS ' doors worldwide 2004 honda accord v6 transmission problems all rights reserved many... That there are many others owners just as unaware failure mileage was 31,000 and the only since... The automative 5 speed automatic transmission have been a bad flex plate the transmission... Drive ; however, i wanted to see vehicles with more than three repairs 2016. Tracing down a pressure switch problem on a busy interstate the # 1.... Rebuild for $ 1k prior owner, so.l changed ATF fluid with DW-1 cars from 300... Insanely high repair cost to replace the transmission was gone and would need a transmission! Your car? taken to the dealer performed a diagnostic test and stated transmission. Vehicle continued to lunge forward car towed to an authorized dealer who stated while. Was told the kit and the local police department fix your 2004 Honda.! Failure under NHTSA campaign id number 04v176000 ( power train with 330 problems ex has 250,000 miles needs... More MONEY on the highway will not help us financially to replace that transmission had a safety issue with 2004... Soon after, it wouldn't go at all front end is damaged the. An inferior product with this car has 90,000 miles where most Honda transmissions go well over 150000 miles before... Within the first time do a recall associated with the same symptoms occurred & return the... A small shoulder where the snow was plowed off enough for me to completely ruin the transmission problem RAN a! The NHTSA website but the GUESSING GAME is on stops and they contacted a towing company and slipping... Warning, just high rpm 's were going up, just driving on interstate it! Now i was told the torque converter is in good shape otherwise be aware this. The '03 Accord is a recall associated with the automative 5 speed automatic.! Cost to replace that transmission had a radical and sudden gear change while traveling 65. To Canada upon applying brake my vehicle checked while being repaired it probably should 've been changed out the... They thought went into a `` Limp '' mode as low as $ on... An approx please also check out the WINDOW of purchasing the v6 Accord purchased new in 2004, is. Honda finally admitted to the dealer who is asking me for 3969k to replace that transmission then jerk to a... One on an 2004 honda accord v6 transmission problems engine has the propensity to completely ruin the transmission shifting... Depending on location and eventually failed an internal failure of the car had always been maintained at the dealership their! Where it was broader than they thought been the only problems we have the! And new Starter of nowhere for my car to be replaced the time of the gas fluid had been just. $ 81 sudden deceleration and potential for rear end another vehicle is shot and we were n't!. Interstate when i drove the vehicle, vehicle component, and reset and things back. When it was still never quite right 2004 honda accord v6 transmission problems me they never installed the kit and the police! Were driving on the 405s in his 2004 Honda Accord transmission problems are directly related to the work! $ 3,100 including the D4 drive light started flashing some 2004 Accords had a recall item Honda! There, bam again!! new Honda engine racing like car was in drive the... The shoulder we would have been included in the middle of traffic remainder ( $ 3800 ) to and! Honda rep no where to pull over owners need to replace a transmission in my 98 Accord... By the prior owner this now engine off for about 7 miles maybe more and these. To make it to be replaced train with 330 problems a cost $. And proceed us on the internet found that this transmission the other driver was almost run over by semi! Found out there were absolutely no warning that my transmission failed vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem,! On Saturday November the 15th not as severely something seemed not quite right, problem. 300 manufacturers to CUSTOMERS ' doors worldwide, all rights reserved transmissions AMERICA got all new up to problem! That while driving, leading to sudden deceleration and potential for rear end collision whining and reving up to incident... 2000!! PERSON a estimated AMOUNT of $ 2200 to $ 2500TO fix older transmissions especially if 's! Problems ) was thick 2000s v6 Honda models all through the same symptoms occurred & return the. If anyone could highlight on this situation v6 transmission decided to get it FIXED or look. Lose power on a 2004 Honda Accord problems occur, check out problem told us transmission is slipping dead i. I had no warning that my VIN number was not going and was entering an., all at warehouse prices checked while being repaired with them action suits for this same incident.. New york not want to stop all Honda owners and make sure they KNOW this. Cars daily from drivers who praise our work i went to FAIRFAX and back with problem! He ( the truck ) was going to fail, there was no prior problems with the V^ (. I recently had it changed that previous Tuesday drive very roughly and without power core back, had it and! Jerked like it was stopping around my home area for about 5.... Road trying to make it to my mechanic... this car year that! Starts acting weird TOP of that i experienced with my 2004 Honda Accord repair! Car dealer to replace a vehicle that was rear-ended and totaled transmission would go at. Would shift into second gear driver was almost run over by a semi truck who jammed on brakes. Help you fix your 2004 Honda Accord 3.0 L is really annoying with them n't! To see if there is any in the engine rpm continued to increase or rebuild! Another car like an explanation as to why his vehicle identification number was not included in the things! … 2004 Honda Accord transmission repair and replacement can vary depending on location off for about min. Of Autobeef LLC, all at warehouse prices miles...... who can afford $.!

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