Published by Elsevier Ltd. It also helps with keeping up to date with the latest Teaching techniques, regular reviews of procedures and practices, such as first aid and Child Protection. [online] Continuing Professional Development. Knowledge is a powerful tool in healthcare and a well-educated nurse can be the difference between a patient’s life and death. In fact, the CPD Research Project estimates five million professionals are required to undertake CPD training every year, which equates to … Data sources included a review of scholarly and grey literature, an online survey and a consensus workshop. Continuing professional development is “the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers,” states the CPD Certification Service. Not only does CPD ensure that healthcare staff are practising safely and effectively in the workplace, but it also allows them to improve on existing services as well as learn new and improved techniques. CPD is beneficial for employees’ career progression and advancement. The activity can help to improve your confidence and it can also help individuals prepare for the inevitable changes and improvements that are made in the healthcare sector. The Health and Social Care Council define CPD as ‘the means by which health and social care professionals maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and competence, and develop professional qualities required throughout their professional life’ (CORU, 2013). The BDA states that six days a year is the minimum time employers must grant to facilitate CPD. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is vital for all NHS staff. Continuing professional development (CPD), in contrast, embraces a wider array of learning formats and methods that are driven by learners. ‘Continuing professional development' commonly abbreviated to ‘CPD' refers to the work-related learning and development that should continue throughout your career. Understanding the causes, symptoms and effects of young-onset dementia Improve your knowledge of the condition and its distinct challenges Subscribe for UKCBC Communications for more, Get in touch with our course advisors today, Continuing professional development in health and social care, Continuing professional development in healthcare, UKCBC and UWL Form Partnership for 2020/21 Academic Year, Studying in Isolation – Tips from a PhD Grad. Your email address will not be published. 4 + 5 =. The importance of continuing professional development. This entails practitioners engaging in regular skills renewal to match changes in healthcare needs and their complexity, new models of delivering care and public expectations ( Filipe et al., 2014 ). Although useful in various professions, CPD is especially important in the healthcare sector as it has important implications for public wellbeing. CPD can lead to increased public confidence in individual professionals and in their profession as a whole CPD contributes to improved protection and quality of life, the environment, sustainability, property and the economy. It is a contractual obligation for several professions. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. The drive towards using limited resources effectively for service improvements and the need for a flexible workforce necessitate a review of ad hoc approaches to CPD. It allows individuals to continually upskill, regardless of their age, job or level of knowledge. Organizations and teams with shared values and purpose enable active generation of knowledge from practice and the use of different types of knowledge for service improvements. You were on the cutting edge of technology in the 1990s when the internet … The purpose of CPD is to continue the development of your knowledge, understanding, problem-solving, performance and … Continuing professional development (CPD) is important as it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession. Maintaining and improving healthcare services through CPD is, therefore, more crucial than ever, and those who actively choose to expand their skill-sets will be in favourable positions professionally. Great! Continuing professional development (CPD) Personal and professional development helps manage your own learning and growth throughout your career. What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? Maintaining and enhancing knowledge and skills to deliver a professional service. UK College of Business and Computing Ltd is registered in England & Wales with company number 04294645. CPD audits will resume on 1st September 2020 with Operating Department Practitioners. Why CPD is so important for pharmacists. © 2018 The Author(s). It can be anything from work-based learning, a professional activity, formal education or self-directed learning, says the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). You Stay Relevant. The British Dietetic Association (BDA) refers to CPD as “the mechanism through which high quality patient and client care is identified, maintained and developed,” which underlines its importance.

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